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A Message From Our Pastor



Hi Friends,

Good to talk to you again.

Once a man was walking along a road near which there was a gutter. The man who was walking along stopped suddenly, being flashed by some glittering object. He thought it was a precious jewel. So wanting to own it the man got into the gutter and started searching for it. After much hard searching, he could not find it. But the object was still flashing and the man went into the gutter again trying to grab it for himself. But his search was in vain. He came out of the gutter disappointed.

There was a Sadhu coming that way and saw this man standing there desperately. He asked the man what the matter was. The man explained the story. The Sadhu looked at the man with pity and told him, “Why were you looking for it only in the gutter. Look up. You may find it”. The man looked up and to his surprise he found the precious jewel hanging on the tree alongside the gutter. The man thanked the Sadhu and the Sadhu spoke to the man and said, “Don’t be attracted by the reflection and be stuck with it. Look for the real object elsewhere. You will surely find it”. The man nodded and went away happily.

This is true of us too, a lot of times. We are entangled with the reflection or image of the reality. Many a times we do not try to look for the reality. The reflection or image entice our brain and mind so much that we are unable to get out of that illusion and understand the real matter. This holds good to anything. For instance, we are stuck with the short-lived happiness which we get from perishable material things. We do not think of the eternal or long living happiness which we may get from the good works that we can do with those perishable materials.

To be a little more precise, the joy of helping a poor and needy person is greater than the joy in enjoying the things that we have (which we could use to help others). The joy of buying clothing for someone who needs it is greater than the joy in buying clothing for ourselves. This is what we miss a lot of times. Here is where we miss the point. The joy in helping others is the real happiness which no one can steal away from us, whereas the joy we get in doing things for ourselves can be spoiled by others by any means. So it is wise and prudent to avail the joy that cannot be destroyed or distorted.

May we, in the days to come, look for real happiness and happiness that would last longer. May God bless you all with showers of choicest graces to keep you well always.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. A. Antony