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School Staff
Rev. Antony Arokiam - Pastor  Tiffany Kolb - Principal

Rev. Antony Arokiam, Pastor

Years at St. Patrick: 3
Tiffany Kolb, Principal Years in education: 23
Years at St. Patrick: 9
Education: BA – Loras College, Dubuque, IA
Secondary Education: Master's Degree – Viterbo University, Administrator Program – Viterbo University

"I feel very blessed to be working at this school. It is a place where learning is genuinely celebrated; where family and faith are valued. The caliber of the staff, the involvement of the parents, and the support of the parish are tremendous. The gift of this school is that it protects and shelters children just a little bit, while allowing them to develop a positive self esteem and a code of morality that guides them into adulthood." 


Toni Stoughtenger - Pre K
Molly Demaske – Pre K
Toni Stoughtenger Years teaching: 27
Years at St. Patrick: 17
Education: UW LaCrosse, Stratford Institute
Molly Demaske Years teaching: 17
Years at St. Patrick: 17
Education: WWTC, Penn Foster College

"I love to see my students learn and grow every day. Watching their faces light up when they accomplish something new is the greatest reward for a teacher."

"My favorite thing about teaching is the students. I love being able to watch them grow and learn each day."

Lisa Vinopal – Kindergarten
Becky Johnson - 1st Grade
Lisa Vinopal
Years teaching: 11
Years at St. Patrick: 2
Education: Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education from the UW Stout
Becky Johnson Years teaching: 9
Years at St. Patrick: 4
Education: UW-Whitewater BS Elementary/Middle 1-8 Education
 "My favorite things about teaching are working with the kids and watching their progress from the

beginning of the year until the end. I enjoy seeing their smiles and their faces light up when things begin to click!"

 "My favorite part of teaching is working with students, parents, and staff to ensure a quality education for each child.  I love the teachable moments and the relationships I can build with families."

Ann Benz – 2nd Grade
Sandy Stevens – 3rd Grade
Ann Benz
Years teaching: 13
Years at St. Patrick: 4
Sandy Stevens Years teaching: 14
Years at St. Patrick: 4
Education:  M.A. in Education, Viterbo University; Bachelor of Science Elementary Education, St Catherine, St. Paul

 Ali Ruetz – 4th Grade
Daniela Larkin – 5th Grade
 Ali Ruetz Years teaching: 6
Years at St. Patrick: 1
Education: University of Wyoming Bachelors of Education with a focus in the Creative Arts
Daniela Larkin Years teaching: 16
Years at St. Patrick: 16
Education:  Bachelors of Science from Viterbo University, LaCrosse, WI
"I have a joy of learning and want to pass on that love to my students who will hopefully grow into life long learners."

 "I enjoy St. Pat's. Working with the parents, students and staff make makes me feel at home."

 Cathryn Catterson – 6th Grade
Amy Zenthoefer – 7th Grade 
Cathryn Catterson Years teaching: 12
Years at St. Patrick: 12
Education: Bachelor of Science UW Eau Claire
 Amy Zenthoefer
Years teaching: 
Years at St. Patrick: 1

"My favorite things about teaching are seeing the students light up when they grasp something new, when they are able to teach others, or when they are talking about something they really enjoy."


 Mary Beth Crowley – 8th Grade AJ Czarnecki – Technology Coordinator
Mary Beth Crowley

Years teaching: 31

Years at St. Patrick: 31

Education: Masters Degree Viterbo Univ College of St. Theresa, Winona, MN – 2 yrs UW LaCrosse Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education; Broadfield Major, Art Minor

AJ Czarnecki

Years teaching: 10
Years at St. Patrick: 10
Education: UW Whitewater, BBA Management Computer Systems

"My favorite things about teaching are seeing the students light up when they grasp something new, when they are able to teach others, or when they are talking about something they really enjoy."

 "It is great to be able to teach two of my favorite things: sports and technology."


Anita Czajka – Secretary
Kathy Paul – Music
Anita Czajka Years at St. Patrick: 1 Kathy Paul Years teaching: 25
Years at St. Patrick: 3




Haley Gruber – Teacher's Aid Connie Walhovd – Teacher's Aid
Mary Finger
Years teaching: 1
Years at St. Patrick: 1
Education: Institutional Assistant, WWTC

   Years at St. Patrick: 1

 "My favorite thing about teaching is watching the students grow each day. Every day is different and I look forward to coming each day and seeing not only what I can teach the students, but what the students can teach me."


Mary Finger – Librarian Brice Blaha – Custodian/Grounds
Mary Finger Years at St. Patrick: 9  

Years at St. Patrick: 1

"It is a great place to work!"  

Arlene Lange -  Cook Ruth Treml - Cook 
 Arlene Lange    Ruth Treml