St. Patrick Grade School Staff


Karla Reinhardt

Anita Czajka


“It is amazing to work at St. Pat’s. The students, parents and staff are wonderful and it is an absolute pleasure to be here.”

Toni Stoughtenger


Years teaching: 29
Years at St. Patrick: 19
Education: UW LaCrosse, Stratford Institute

“I love to see my students learn and grow every day. Watching their faces light up when they accomplish something new is the greatest reward for a teacher.”

Lisa Vinopal


Years teaching: 13
Years at St. Patrick: 4
Education: Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education from the UW Stout

“My favorite things about teaching are working with the kids and watching their progress from the beginning of the year until the end. I enjoy seeing their smiles and their faces light up when things begin to click!”

Brittany Robinson


Years teaching: 1
Years at St. Patrick: 1
Education: Bachelor of Science Middle Childhood Early Adolescents from UW – Eau Claire

Karen Kohler


Years teaching:



Years teaching: 8
Years at St. Patrick: 3
Education: Bachelor of Science in Intermediate Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics and Science from the University of Southern Indiana, in Evansville, IN. Master of Art Education in Teacher Leadership and specialization in Mathematics from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY

“I love teaching middle school students because I get to see ah-ha moments! I get to share my love of mathematics and science with the students and allow them to know they can be successful. Students at this age need to know that people have faith in them and they can make mistakes, but they should never give up. Middle schoolers are amazing!!”

Julie Whitney


Years teaching:1
Years at St. Patrick: 1
Education: BS in Speak Communications from UW- Platteville. Teaching Degree – St. Mary’s Winona

Dani Larkin


Years teaching: 18
Years at St. Patrick: 18
Education: Bachelors of Science from Viterbo University, LaCrosse, WI

“I enjoy St. Pat’s. Working with the parents, students and staff make makes me feel at home.”

Cathryn Catterson


Years teaching: 14
Years at St. Patrick: 14
Education: Bachelor of Science UW Eau Claire

“Teaching enables me to reach so many different students. I am able to help them discover their passions and become respectful, responsible adults.”

David Bellows


Years teaching: First Year
Years at St. Patrick: First Year
Education: UW La Crosse

“This is my first year teaching after graduating from UW La-Crosse last spring. I attended St. Patrick’s as a child, so I feel my
education experience has come full circle. I am grateful to be surrounded by an amazing community and co-workers to make this school year memorable. I look for-ward to getting to know each student and their families.”

Shelia Harris

Joni Cross


Years Teaching:

Ashley Finger


Years teaching: 2
Years at St. Patrick: 2
Education: Graphics Design – WTC

Derek Emery


Years at St. Patrick:

Connie Walhovd

Years at St. Patrick: 2

Tonya Onsager


Years at St. Patrick:

Tammy Nezda

Tammy Nedza· Cook

Laura Fenske

Laura Fenske · Cook

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Rhonda Ready · Custodian & Grounds